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5 Questions you should ask a security camera dealer

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Surveillance today has become inevitable for any office and even residences. With the increasing commercial activities the demand and competition for security services in Chandigarh has also accelerated. We at technotronics are ready to secure you, your work place and your residential space with the best CCTV camera deals. Before you chose any of the security services in Chandigarh we as experts suggest you have the following checklist ready:

  • A Client list:
  • It is very important to have a reference list for such sensitive services. Always ask the security service providers or the CCTV camera dealers for their past clientele. This will make you take the right decision as you can easily cross-check with the references. In fact, it will also help you get a feedback about the service provider.

  • Do they give internet access?
    Yes, having internet access is of utmost importance for any surveillance system. It helps you keep a check on your space anytime and from anywhere.

  • The Warranty:
  • The only negative part about technological equipments is the fragility. This is the reason you should always know about the warranty of the equipments and services in case there is an unavoidable damage.

  • Ability to record and playback:
  • In practical terms one should always be prepared for the worst. Thus, if there is a robbery or break in at your work/residential space, with the right equipments that clearly record and playback and forward, you can have better chances to find the culprits. Also ask about the area that the camera will cover.

  • How much will the services cost?
  • How can you forget the most important thing? Affordable CCTV Cameras and the right kind of security service providers in Chandigarh can be a tough act to follow.

The above mentioned points are essential to consider before you go for any security service for different purposes. We here at Technotronics not only fulfil this checklist but are always ready for additional and tailored support. One of the best and most affordable security service providers in Chandigarh, we take our customer’s security as our own. Try our services and sense the difference.