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5 Things you need to know before Owning and Buying a Property

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Buying a home is an immense step. It takes a lot of research, a lot of time; help from professional entities and, of course, money when we make the single largest purchase in our lives. There are a few things one need to educate themselves on prior before owning and buying a property. As first-time home buyers, one has very little or no experience with home valuation, real estate, the home loan process and the home inspection process. Below are some essential pieces of information all first-time home buyers should know before buying a property.

Can I afford it?

There will be a significant impact on your finances when buying a house, so make sure you can deal with it. You should wrap your head around the costs involved when you make the decision to buy a home and stick to a budget.

Is it worth the money?

People aren’t buying houses anymore; they’re buying homes. So before you take the big step, ask yourself – is the money spent relevant because the place in which you live is an investment.

Finding a Realtor

Once you knew about the financial obligations and if you can afford the home, now its time to meet with the right realtor. One should do his enough research to know who the major players are in the area. Then pick your favorite 2 out of many researched and have them over for a live interview to make sure you are choosing the right realtor.


You can use an agent to do the negotiating for you. If your survey has revealed defects, the vendors can often be willing to negotiate as the price of a property in the agent’s window is not set in stone.

Decide what you want

Unless and until you know what you’re looking for, you cannot just start your hunt. For your dream property criteria, put pen to paper and sketch out of what exactly you want. Identify what is an indispensable property “must have” and what compromises are needed along. Be crystal clear with your wish list about your wanting.