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Enjoy a Raja Ampat Scuba Diving Trip on Your Next Adventure

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Raja Ampat with 2,500 islands and reefs, 550 coral species and 1,320 fish species…this all is yet to be discovered on your next adventure. No denser population of marine life and longer living reefs can be found except for this place on the earth. All that on board of Raja Ampat liveaboard, some of the best delicacies around and fun staff, you can’t just miss this and go wrong!

Indonesia Liveaboards

Indonesia has a superb range of liveaboard diving destinations of the world, which can be quite challenging, suiting all sorts of divers in bizarre, exciting, and unpredictable currents. It has the second longest coastline of any country in the world. You can always spot a huge variety and lots of differences between Indonesia dive destinations and some others in the world. There are some great dreamy, world famous destinations, such as Raja Ampat and Komodo National Park. No other diving destination on earth can boast of such scuba diving destinations and riches for you can even witness the wealth of World War II wrecks in some regions.

Raja Ampat Liveaboards

In the early years of this century, a new name caused a sensation in the marine life and scuba diving: Raja Ampat. With an ecosystem so intact and having the richest variety of marine species, this place was newly discovered. There are reef flats, vertical walls, slopes, mucky mangroves, lagoons, sea mounts, and pinnacles. It is all about diversity – diversity of species and diversity of diving sites! There are all sorts of fishes, lots of them, all shapes and sizes, betting on the fact that they could be found anywhere else in the world too.
The prime marine national park in Indonesia and the most bio-diverse marine area on earth, Raja Ampat islands offer the charm of the amazing and marvelous underwater world, splendor of the underwater scenery along with the diversity in marine life. The exquisite variety of marine life that animate beneath the sea of Raja Ampat is 1 out of 10 where the best diving in the world and has also been recognized as the highest on the Earth. It is a paradise for underwater diving lovers. So, if you are serious about scuba diving and snorkeling, go nowhere and experience Raja Ampat liveaboards.

Raja Ampat comprises a group of about 610 islands, covering a total land and sea area of 40,000 square kilometers. It is a part of the Coral Triangle, the heart of the world’s coral reef biodiversity. There are varied boats that run whimsical Raja Ampat liveaboards of wavering length visiting all the best and amazing places, each having their own unique itinerary and structures. Depending upon the length of the trip and standard of the boat, they all possess different prices. Raja Ampat has the high season from October to April.
It is the scuba divers paradise in the world and so, it is a great place to try to live your passions. You shall never forget the experience you will have here.