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How to pick best Insurance Agent?

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In today’s era, insurance can be bought through a professional insurance agent, online portals, or by calling a toll-free number. In case of a simple insurance need, such as car insurance, you can easily buy a policy on your own if you understand the adequate liability, coverage and etc.
However, if you’re buying life, long term care, disability insurance, home, business, or anything that’s unique– it is better tofind a good insurance agent to advise and help you find the right coverage. Insurance agent may be captive or independent. A captive insurance agent can only offer you the product of a single insurance company. On the other hand, an independent one, such as, agents of McKinney Insurance Agency or Homeowners Insurance Plano TX, offer you a wider range of options. Picking up an insurance agent incurs you cost as you need to pay an amount ranging from 7-15% of the policy to the insurance agent as commission. However, it is worth paying an experienced professional a commission to filter the right policy that suits your specific needs.
Here are a few tips on picking thebest insurance agent:

Personal Recommendations: It is always better to ask co-workers or friends to find the best insurance agent than relying on ads or the yellow pages. People tend to refer people with whom they have had a positive experience. You can ask following questions to your friends or co-workers:

  • What was their experience in dealing with the agent?
  • Was the agent responsive or able to answer questions clearly?
  • Was the agent helpful in the event of claim?

Testimonials: With the advent of social media tools, such as Yelp, LinkedIn, and Facebook, you can gauge good service and quality businesses. The other user’s comment about the insurance agent and company gives you an insight view of the services and reliability. However, a face-to-face with an agent is one of the best ways of figuring out if they will take good care of you.

Commercial versus Personal: An insurance agent generally specializes in either commercial or personal insurance. While picking up an insurance agent, you need to ask questions to ensurethat the agent has experience in the type of insurance you need. McKinney Insurance Agency provides a pool of experts in commercial and personal insurance.
Personalized advice:

Good and knowledgeable agents are always familiar with the products they’re selling. In addition, they can explain ways to tailor your coverage as per your specific needs, maximize protection and minimize cost. For instance, good insurance agents will suggest ways you can adjust your coverage to take advantage of credits or discounts that insurers give for packaged policies.
In addition to all the above points, you should ask good questions to insurance agents and check license status. You may ask questions, such as:

  • Are you a “captive” agent? If not, how many companies do you represent?
  • If I cancel the policy mid-term, will there be an “earned minimum premium?”

These will definitely help you to pick the best insurance agent who will fulfill your requirements.