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Hosting/Database Management

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Database management and hosting are the art and science of providing a managed server that is optimized for running a relational database. Any host can run a web server, mail server, file share, or other file-based application. However, the databases management and hosting servers are different as they demand specific hardware and software configurations to correctly support the database management services.

TechnoTronics uses some of the latest means to provide cheap web hosting for websites ranging from single web page to heavy data-driven websites. Our development team is dexterous in developing and hosting web application with or without databases as per requirement.

TechnoTronics offers a fully managed, single-tenant cheap web hosting for the highest levels of performance and uptime. We provide a wide range of database servers, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite. Integration with cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure is also made possible through various ubiquitous PHP SDKs. We enable our clients to choose a deployment solution that matches their needs. Specific RDMBS selection along with the choice of LDAP server and cloud provider is extensively supported. Our breadth in this field makes this possible.

We pride ourselves in developing and hosting high-end, data-driven websites across various domains, such as travel, e-commerce, and education. We have expertise in properly configuring RAID levels, volumes, and file layout for internal resiliency, optimal performance, and growth. We optimize I/O for the specific database and storage platforms based on the client’s requirement.

We house the best database experts and up to date infrastructure running certified versions of operating systems to provide a real-time experience and unmatched database management services. Our certified DBAs provide the deep expertise you need for MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server environments. Be it dedicated hardware or Cloud Servers; we’re here when you need an additional layer of assistance with administration, monitoring or troubleshooting.

Hosting and database management services have particular backup requirements, which can’t be addressed properly using the regular file system. Thus, we follow a customized backup plans to take the backups based on the technology and requirements. Being the leader in the cheap web hosting and database management services, we design a specific backup plan for your database and hosting services based on your recovery requirements.

We believe in easy to use and maintain applications, so we develop and host single and data-driven websites that are easily configurable. We develop the user-friendly user interface and provide easy to use panel so that the client can manage the details as per need. In addition, we are there to support anywhere, anytime.

Our value-added database management services and expertise put us on the front when it comes to delivering flawless solutions within time frame and budget.