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Know the Search Process When Selling Home Without Agent

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Selling your house in a market of cut-throat competition is not easy task. That is why many of us use opt to sell our house through an agent. However, this decision incurs us a cost in the whole amount that we get in return. On an average, we hand over 1.8 per cent of the sale price of our home to a property agent in return for a valuation, photographs, listing in branch.

For some people, it is worth to pay commission to an agent for the skills, resources and experience that the agent put in selling the house. However, some people choose to sell their house privately, without the help of an agent and many sellers are starting to wonder if they could sell home without agent. So is it possible?
Yes. It may take a lot of time and effort to sell your house for cash and/or sell home without agent and may not be as simple as you think. However, it is possible to sell home without agent and for cash. Here, we are sharing a few needs to know in the search process of selling home without an agent.

Quick House Sales

To quickly sell your house for cash and without agent, you need to take the best photos of the house, write a concise yet to the point description for the buyers, and maintain the house. You may wonder how to do all these. At house4money, we do all of this for you and buy the house for cash. You need to contact us and list your house for selling with us. We will take the photos; maintain the house and make cash offer to you. We bet you would love the offer provided by us and would sell your house for cash to us. In addition, you are free to leave or accept our proposal or negotiate the price. We help you to sell home without agent and in cash.

Cost to Sell Home

One of the biggest advantages of selling your home privately is the saving on the cost of a real estate agent commission, which could be hundreds of dollars depending on the eventual selling price. By selling your home without an agent, you can have more control of the sale value and negotiation process as you have direct contact with potential buyers. House4Money is the one of the best potential buyer that you may find to sell your house for cash that too without any hassle. You just need to contact us and show your property to us, rest will be taken care of.