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Tips on How to Choose Best UPVC Double Glazed Windows Company

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Are you looking to have new UPVC double glazed windows installed? If yes, come to the Paramount Windows and Doors and discover the finest uPVC profile available on the market today.

There are many things such as, style, energy efficiency, materials used etc. that you need to consider while choosing the double gazed windows. Along with all this, you need to choose the color that would go well with your house or property. Here are some of the important things discussed that you need to keep in mind while choosing a UPVC double glazed windows.

Lead-Free Environmentally Friendly Material

When it comes to pick thebest double glazed windows for your property, you will have to take the base material into consideration.At Paramount Windows and Doors, we create our UPVC windows that are lead free and made up of environment friendly material. It is not all, we assure you of best quality delivered as we provide 10 years of warranty on our UPVC double gazed windows.

Excellent Sound and Thermal Protection

While you decide to choose double glazing windows, you need to keep your eyes peeled for the energy efficiency of your new UPVC double glazing windows. All the glazing windows come with a Window Energy Rating to determine their thermal efficiency. Greater the WER rating is more money you will save on you heating bills as your home remains warmer for longer. All our UPVC double glazing windows are A+ rated.
Our low-emissivity glass has an invisible coating that dramatically reduces heat transfer and reflects interior heat back into your room.The low-emissivity glazing glass improves the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your energy bills by 60% and decrease the size of your carbon footprint. Our double glazing windows will also benefit you from free solar heat provided by the sun.

Windows are the greatest door for noise to enter you home.However, double glazed windows keep most of the noise outside. Our double glazing isn’t just good for stopping heat transfer but it’s also excellent at soundproofing your home. Double glazing windows dramatically cut any noise pollution including the annoying noise such as barking dogs, noisy neighbors, aircraft noise, traffic noise, nearby pubs and clubs.The combination of the two panes of glass, and gap between them, provides 80% drop in outside noise.

Make sure to choose an A rating UPVC double glazing windows when choosing the glazing windows for you home.
Bushfire Rated to BAL 40.

The level of security that your windows and doors can provide is of optimum importance. As bushfire attack is common in Australia, people living out there need houses that can survive bushfires. It is important to have houses that have the ability to survive a passing bushfire. Till today, there has been no company providing window and door solution that combines energy efficiency bushfire resistance.
PWD’sUPVC double gazed windows are tested against the bushfire. These solutions have been designed specifically to be used in Australia’s bushfire areas. These solutions always came up to the expectation of the client in protecting the human life and property. Our UPVC double gazed windows are bushfire rated as well as covers BAL-40 resistance.