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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

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Reputation repair service overview

Internet reputation repair for over 15 years.

Examples of our internet reputation repair services include:

  • Removal of negative search results from publishers
  • Protect brand search results
  • Improve online sentiment with brand reputation marketing
  • Increasing online review star-ratings
  • Enhance and improve Wikipedia articles
  • Make positive content rank higher

As one of the oldest and most experienced reputation management companies in the world, we are proud of our methods, our ethics, and our track record for increasing media visibility.

  • Search engine friendly techniques.
  • Management of knowledge panel, Wikipedia, search and social.
  • Over ten years of reputation management experience.
  • Removal of information from Google.
  • Results that stand the test of time.
  • Based in India and Canada.

How long does reputation repair take?

The length of time required to fix a search result problem depends on the issue. For example:

Removal of negative online content can take as little as 1 week. Most online content cannot be removed, but when it can the time frame varies. We can usually remove something if Reputation X has worked with a publisher before. If not, it can take months and depends on many factors. If we do not believe something can be removed from Google or another search engine, we will let you know in advance.

Push Down Search Results: Brands usually start to see results within two months. But it takes about 10 months to push negative web content off the first pages of search results. That’s an average. Some campaigns are much faster, others take more time. For example, very strong websites (such as major news outlets and high-profile blogs) will need more time. A lesser-known blog will take less time.

Improve online reviews: It takes about two weeks to start to see online reviews improve. The amount of time it takes to make big improvements takes longer – usually months. Another factor that affects how long reviews take to improve is the starting point. If reviews began at one-star, it will take months to get to three or four-stars.